International Chess Competition

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Yes Excitement! 
Are you interested in Chess Competition?


Come on! You need a break from all those hectic schedules, assignments, submissions and presentations!

The objective of this competition is to provide a platform to all KBU students who are interested and eager to learn more about chess. In addition, we want you to think critically and in different point of view!
Join us and grab all the fantastic prizes back home!

Open for all KBU students
Fees : RM5

1st Prize : RM50 Parkson voucher + chessmen cookies
2nd Prize : RM30 Parkson voucher + chessmen cookies
3rd Prize : RM20 Parkson voucher + chessmen cookies

If you are interested to join,
(1) Vivian - 012 - 2935068
(2) Aaron - 014 - 3905990

or drop them an email! and kindly RSVP yourself at our facebook event page!

Written by,
Cayenne Lim
Prof.Dev. Rotaract Club KBU

Rotaract Club Kbu International College is a Year Old!


To keep you on track on our club's updates, we have just no longer celebrated our one year old birthday of Rotaract Club KBU International College! Blasted off the night with awesome dinner and cake-blowing session. Yes, we are already a year old after walking through the journey together with the Board of Directors and supportive members.

In a year time, we have proudly climbed the stairs slowly by organizing smaller scale activities to the bigger ones! We are currently working on an Anti-smoking Campaign, a Bazaar and Chess Competition.

Back to the main topic. Yes! Due to the agreement of each of our member, we'd picked Kitchen Creature- (the all time favourite of KBU Students) as for our venue for this celebration.

Kitchen Creature is just located at Centre Point, Bandar Utama. Few minutes walk from the college!


 We have both this sweetest past presidents. Mei Hwei and Wayne both respectively the past president of Help University College and Kbu International College

Now let the pictures do the talking all right!?


On the side note,
We are always that delightful to have new members to be apart of our club. Join us ladies and gentlemen!

Rotaract clubs for men and women aged 18-30 foster leadership and
responsible citizenship, encourage high ethical standards in business and
promote international understanding and peace.

 If you are interested, don't be shy to approach to anyone of us. Drop us an email! :)

Till then the next update!

Cayenne Lim
Professional Development Rotaract Club KBU International College

Charity and Joint Installation Dinner

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Another video to share peeps!

Listening to: Aren't They All Our Children After All, Celine Dion and others (Click)

Charity and Joint Installation Dinner of KBU International College and HELP University College kicks start the day off on 23rd of July. It was a recap for the previous Rotaractors visit to the Emmanuel Care Centre for disable children and partly for charity and fellowship. Each and everyone of us had so much fun entertained by those awesome performances by respective volunteers. Good job guys!

Yes. Not forgetting these innocent little children from START singing whole night to entertain us. Video is at above!

President and past president of Rotaract Club KBU

KBU Rotaractors

We were honored to have the International model, Amber Chia to join us for this charity dinner. Everyone was looking forward to see her! Of course, photography session with her must not be missed.

KBU Rotaractors with special guest Amber Chia

HELP Rotaractors with Amber Chia

Another add on celebration! Our Past President Ng Kar Weng turned twenty two! Of course cake and pranks to celebrate this awesome night.

Being a Rotaractor by all means contribute to the society, more community services and by showering every needy person with tons of unconditional love. We serve you for our vision of a better world.

Aren't they all our children after all
Aren't they all our children after all
Aren't they all our children after all

We Are The World


In conjunction to the Joint Installation Dinner of Rotaract Club KBU International College and HELP University College, we sang out loud the song, We Are The World!

Here, there goes our video!

Sister Club Agreement of KBU and HELP

Hello people!

In case you do not know, Rotaract Club of KBU International College and HELP University College are now officially Sisters Club!

Happening on the 10th of August, Tuesday night, both presidents Danny Lo and Jocelyn had officially pen down the sister club agreement by the witness of few representative of Rotaractors, Rotarians and special guests.

From left: Jocelyn, Pres HELP University College,
Kelly Lim, Pres Rotary Club Bandar Utama
Danny Lo, Pres KBU International College

Last but not least, our beloved mother, former president of Rotary Club Bandar Utama and currently holding a secretary position had official turned a year older! =D


Rotaract Club T-shirt Design


Hello guys and girls!
For your information, Rotaract Club KBU International College is conquered by DESIGN STUDENTS!
As so, our Immediate Past President, honorably Wayne Ng Kar Weng has came out with the very first T-Shirt proposal for our club members. Feedback and suggestions are highly appreaciated!

If you happened to be one of the facebook spammers, do spam in our facebook comment box too. HERE

Trip to Kg. Sg. Tekam - The Jehai Orang Asli Community


Date : 26th – 28th December 2009
Location : Lake Temenggor, Ulu Perak
Team Leader : President Janice Lim (RC Bandar Utama)
Participant : Rtn.Alfred Tiu (RCBU), Dr.Gong (Penang Team), PP Amy & family (RCMI), Itr.Luca Valentini (Germany), Itr.Thibaut Dalle (France), Rtr.Mei Hwei Chew, Rtr.Ha Lim Yang, Rtr.Jocelyn Xie, Rtr.JunXian Lim,(all from RACHUC), Rtr.Wayne Ng (RACKBU)

Once again, Rotary Club of Bandar Utama (RCBU) organized a significant 3-days 2-nights trip (26th – 28th December 2009) to Kampung Sungai Tekam, which is located in Belum Forest at Lake Temenggor, Ulu Perak. The objective of the trip is to offer us an opportunity to experience and understand the lifestyle of the Jehai orang asli. At the same time, we were also given a chance to contribute on the development of their standard of living and living environment. Rotary Club of Bandar Utama is the sponsoring rotary club for Rotaract Club of HELP University College and Rotaract Club of KBU International College. These institutional based clubs were invited to join this meaningful journey. Rotary Club of Metro Ipoh – PP Amy and family, and two student exchanges from Europe – Luca Valentini from Germany and Thibaut Dalle from France were also there to support the project. Doctor Gong from Penang willingly sponsors medication and his professional service for this trip.

Our journey started at 10.30am from Ipoh with PP Amy and family. It took us about two hours on a van to reach Grik Town. After lunch, we depart for an hour journey to Banding Jetty. The group arrived at Banding Jetty at 2.30pm. We loaded all our supplies and bags in a small speedboat while our group of 13 people was transported by a bigger speedboat to the Jehaians’ Village. We arrived at the village in an hour time. The Penghulu and Pastor Henry welcomed us upon our arrival. After all supplies and bags are placed at the school, a warm-welcome lunch was served by Pastor Henry’s wife, Ibu Jenny. Later on, Rotaractors were busy packing 200 units of snack packs in the school building while villagers were doing medical check-ups in the multi purpose hall by Dr.Gong. Snack packs were handed out to every single villager. As the sun almost setting, around 6pm, we wrapped up the snack packs giving session and headed for our first dinner in the village. There was also a Fellowship Gathering with villagers after dinner time. Rotaractors presented a holy Christmas skit titled “Have you seen Christmas?” and ended it with Christmas songs. As an addition program for the night, villagers also performed their traditional dance with songs of the local language. It was a warm get-together night.

On a sunny Sunday morning (27/12/09), we followed the villagers to their Sunday service in multi purpose hall after breakfast. We were impressed by the kids in the village who play different music instruments and they were singing for their god. After that, Rotaractors prepared sandwiches and snacks as tea break for waterfall trekking which went on later in the evening. We left for the waterfall in Sungai Enam Base Camp around 1pm, and it was an hour journey trekking to the fourth level of the waterfall. We enjoyed the beauty of nature as we were at this wonderful waterfall. After a great waterfall trip, we went back to the village for lunch at 3pm. Art and Craft session for the children was led by Rtr. Mei Hwei meanwhile a Health Talk for adults was presented by Dr.Gong in the multi-purpose hall. The children loved their final artwork so much and share the happiness with their parents. After both sessions, another session was carried out. It was the “Outdoor Relay Races”. Villagers were separated in a few groups and played a few interesting games such as balloon fighting
, filling up water bottles, newspaper relay and so on. The game session filled with laughter ended at 8pm. Dinner was served by then by Ibu Jenny and family.

Early in the morning of the departure day (28/12/09), Rotaractors visited all the families in the village led by President Janice. We learned and understood their living condition and daily life; at the same time we realized that Jehai Orangasli community really needs more help and attention from the public on their needs, particularly in health, education and standard of living. Before we left Kg Sungai Tekam, many photos were taken as memories of the trip. At 1pm, we left Kg Sungai Tekam. We had a farewell lunch in a restaurant in Grik Town. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful fresh fish given by Kg. Sungai Tekam villagers. After the lunch, we headed back home with tired body but yet a heart full of satisfaction. Overall, the objectives for the trip had been accomplished. But as what President Janice said, although the visit to the Jehai community has end but the journey for community service has just begun.

District 3300 Rotaract Conference


Date : 18th -20th December 2009 (Friday to Sunday)
Venue : Perak Riverside Resort, Kuala Kangsar

This Conference is organized by RAC Port Klang , RAC ATC and RAC Subang. A Rotaract Conference is a proof that there is a Rotaract District and this is an annual event that the all the Rotaract club in the district gather together to look at what we have achieved through out the year and also our program for the next Rotaract year.

The first day of the trip we get to visit Mariwasa Plant which is the only plant that make all the medals for the government and also police forces. PP Putri from Kuala Kangsar Rotary club also the CEO of Mariwasa Plant and also the owner of the Riverside resort kindly bringing us to visit and also explain and show us the process of making medals. She also brings us to Istana Iskandariah which is the palace of the Sultan of Perak and we had a meal there.

The night of 18th December is the opening ceremony for the 3days Conference and also the Interview of DBM/DRRN after that is the discussion of resolution 5, 6 , 7 ,8 and 1 special motion, how ever we KBU do not have the rights to vote for the decision as we are just newly formed, and the resolution 8 will be discuss at the next meeting. In order for us to know each other better some Ice Breaking games are prepared for us. A card is given to everybody to write down the 1st impression of other people view about yourself. The ceremony ended with Poco Poco Line Dance leaded by DDR Sanjeev.

19th December we went for a talk about Youth Empowerment and Pursuing Passion for Community Service, after that is out 1st Plenary Session where the Presentation of RY 2008/2009 Account, Resolutioon, Citations, and also the announcement of The half Year Plan until June 2010. The half year plan includes some community service plan, trip to Taiwan and also adjustment of the rules and regulations of events preparations and also budget for guests are also discussed. After the Plenary session we visit the famous Masjid Ubudiah, Istana Kuning and also Labu Sayung Making (where we learn how to make labu and buy souvenior) in the evening we had Netball and Dodgeball as sports for teamwork building.

20th December after the breakfast we had our final planery session this is where we share our memorable videos and photos and also explanation about our theme of this DRC which is WE SPROUT, WE GROW, WE SHINE. This is also a farewell session for DRC Authur Yeong, we sign on the banner and gave his as an token of appreciations of his hard work and commitment for all these years. Then is the revelation of Guardian Angels and positive Attributes (Final Impression) of everyone.

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